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I served a 4-year apprenticeship as a bricklayer plus a 1-year advanced craft, plus 1 year full technician certificate plus an ONC diploma in general building. I have worked on sites & worked as a foreman before starting my own business.

The brickwork & the ability to match brickwork to an existing property is an asset that I pride myself on being able to achieve & is what makes an extension enhance the property.


Traditional – hips, dormer trusses, over the last 30 years I have come across lots of challenges in roofs topped with slate, concrete, as well as clay, large & small tiles.

Windows & Doors

We will match your existing or introduce a new profile, Bi-fold, Patio & French windows in Upvc, aluminium & hardwood with openings 6m wide and fully opening doors to suit.


Forming your openings & getting the correct steel sizes – get this wrong & you’re in trouble! With today’s kitchen diners we are using some massive steel girders within the house & with the right design anything is achievable.


Quite a major part in building these days – insulation goes in the floor, walls & roof with a wide range of insulation types to insulate against sound as well as heat loss. With building regulations constantly changing, make sure you have a builder that knows the score.


Plasterwork, skirting boards, architraves, new doors, doorways, new openings, hardwood floors and doors, tiled bathrooms, new bathroom suites, and new kitchens .Through building extensions, we are have experience across all of these areas.

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